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5 Reasons You Should Neuter/ Spay Your Pet

Neutering or spaying your pet is not just about preventing them from reproducing. More importantly, it allows them to enjoy their while minimizing or eliminating unwanted behaviors, unwanted pregnancies, and risk of diseases. Here are five reasons you should neuter or spay your pet.

They May Become Better Pets

Neutering your pet eliminates their main source of testosterone, the hormone that may drive them to be aggressive towards other male pets. Without it, they become less distracted when female pets are in heat, resulting in less aggression. They will also have decreased temptation to roam out of your property through a hazardous environment looking for a mate.

With your neutered or spayed furry friend, you may not have to worry about them marking territories all over your house and garden, however, there are other causes of this behavior.

Alleviating Pet Population

Decreasing the number of unwanted litters by spaying and neutering your pets helps decrease the numbers of animals that may end up in animal shelters and ultimately euthanized.

You Save Money

The long-term medical expenses you can incur as a pet owner can be too much. You can avoid many of these costs by spaying or neutering your pet. If your pet gets pyometra (infection of the uterus, common in older non-spayed females) or cancer of the reproductive system, your pet healthcare bill could run into thousands of dollars.

These emergency or specialty surgeries can be significantly more expensive than a routine neutering or spaying procedure. Aggression from non-neutered pets could also cause expensive injuries. 


It Is Beneficial for the Community

Neutering and spaying your pet may benefit your pet’s behavior and overall health. Moreover, it makes your community safer for people and other pets too. Spayed or neutered pets may be more adaptable to the community since they are more domesticated.


Neutering or spaying your pet may extend their lives while making it more enjoyable for them. They can be healthier later in life and have less destructive behavior at home.


For more on spaying or neutering your pet, contact El Abrigado Animal Clinic at our office in Santa Teresa, New Mexico at 575-589-1818 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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